Boat Fuel Consumption List

The fuel consumption of any yacht, can vary widely based on several factors including the yacht's size, engine type, cruising speed, and conditions under which it is operated.

The figures above are average calculated.

Boat Name Average Fuel Consumption (liters per hour)
Waterdream 200-300L
Mangusta 108 990L
CRN 130 650L
Astondoa 102 GLX 650L
Pershing 5X 250L
Pardo 50 200L
Princess V72 400L
Mangusta 92 700L
Sunseeker Predator 84 600L
Leopard 27 550L
VanDutch 55 200L
Pershing 72 600L
Vanquish 82 350L
Pershing 90 900L
Vanquish 52 200L
Riva Rivale 56 250L

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